Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dudes! (and dudettes :))

Hey everyones, how ya beeen?

So this morning I found out that my college has accepted me, I am now going to college to do media studies in St Albans(its in Hertfordshire, England), should start next week and to make sure I definitely get laid(Lol!) I have pulled some money together to treat myself to this bad-boy

Right now im just chilling out listening to the Beatles, reading Scott Pilgrim comics (yes I did have them before the movie, and yes the movie is excellent), enjoying the last little bit of "bumming" that I have left.

So whats everybody else doing?, if your back to school/college/uni are you having fun? xD


  1. <3 beatles. cant wait for their new album!

  2. Haha nice man. Check out my blog sometime

  3. awe man! Awesome! finding out that you're finally going to be going to college is so exciting. I Still have my letter :)

  4. Going back next week, been trying to get into a class for months but it's still full.