Saturday, 28 August 2010


Ok, so its Sunday, and chances are you are going back to school/college/university this week. Have fun!
Thanks to my extreme laziness I am not going to college because I couldn't be bovered to walk the 100 metres to the post box to send off my application form, YAY! Hopefully they will take me on as a latecomer, if not im screwed as I have no job and and I will be spending the next year selling all my stuff on ebay and sitting in my bedroom playing solitaire.

But forget about all that here is a funny video, enjoy! : )

peace x

Friday, 27 August 2010

Picture of the day (28/08/2010)

Lol I don't know why this is so hilarious it just is.


If you haven't already, go and buy Minecraft, its possibly the best game I've played all year. You can buy it from and it costs less than a tenner.

If your still not convinced watch this lets play,

peace x